Key Manufacturing is the only bright anodiser in South Australia, and one of only a handful of matt and colour anodisers. Potential applications of the process are diverse, ranging from sheets for the printing trade, balustrading and domestic oven handles.

Anodising your metal components offers a number of unique benefits:

Reduced corrosion, thanks to an anodised finish integrated into the base aluminium
Exceptional durability: ideal for exterior aluminium such as doors, windows and solar panels
Easier maintenance, practically eliminating scratches and wear during fabrication, handling, installation, frequent cleaning and usage
Increased visual appeal, with retention of aluminium’s metallic appearance
Wide range of colours and high colour consistency, and easy to achieve decorative finishes.

Our anodising services include the following:

Unsealed anodising, used in signage screen printing
Bright anodising – up to 2.3 metres long, with a finish up to 25 microns to AS1231-2000
Matt anodising – up to 3.5 metres long, with a finish up to 25 microns to AS1231-2000
Clean and etch of aluminium parts
Chromate conversion coating, for pre-treating components prior to powder coating or for use in the electronics industry.

Key Manufacturing makes its own anodising racks so we can anodise any shape. Costs are kept to a minimum, because we don’t need to purchase racks and we can maintain and repair them ourselves.