A range of different saws allows Key Manufacturing to cut most lengths of aluminium and steel. We have one of only three automatic Elumatec saws in Australia.

Our Elumatec saw allows aluminium to be cut in the most effective way, reducing waste and substantially increasing production speeds:

Higher production efficiencies: the saw is programmable, cutting and feeding automatically with minimum wastage
Improved accuracy: tolerances for accurate cutting are extremely high
Short lead times and high production speeds: set-up is fast and the saw can cut in one hour what would otherwise take a day
Greater versatility: the saw can cut different part lengths from the same length of material.

Our other aluminium saws are:

Elu drop saw, with digital measurement and readout and pneumatic clamping
Elu mitre saw: two saws cut both sides of the mitre at once, at 45 degrees
Elu compound mitre saw with digital measurement and readout and pneumatic clamping.

Steel can be cut using either our band saw, with automatic cutting and feeding, or a friction saw that offers the manual operation needed when cutting mitres.